This is me thinking
about eighties slang!

(And Spanish omelette,
can't deny it)

“It’s still magic even if
you know how it’s done.”

I’d like to say I came up with that,
but being
Terry Pratchett is not an easy feat.
That doesn’t make his remarks any less truth.
I believe there are few spells as powerful
as those you can cast with words.

I’m Nieves, I’m a freelance translator and writer
and I’ve been passionately typing for some
of the most amazing platforms on the internet
for the past ten years. You can trust me on that
or I can show you —it all depends on how much
time you’ve got on your hands!

Who's this

You already know my name. I was born
in the fall of 1988 in Madrid, Spain. I grew up
surrounded by floppy disks, a very noisy router,
loads of art and tons of creativity, and I survived
my teens diving into fantasy and sci-fi books.
Then, I left my hometown for a shared dorm near
Arc de Triomf to study Translation and Interpreting
at the Autonomous University of Barcelona,
where I specialized in English and Japanese.
The views to the forest were so beautiful
I also decided to take a Master’s Degree
in Audiovisual Translation

Just a few days before graduating,
I stumbled upon an email from Tumblr
in my spam folder and… the rest is history.
I have spent the last decade meeting artists
from all over the world, lending my words
to the most amazing marketing campaigns
on this corner of the galaxy, localizing websites
and apps
to make users’ lives a bit easier,
translating thrilling novels and children’s books,
managing communities of talented creators,
writing non-stop and showing the way forward
to future generations. I like to stay on top of change
and I love getting to play with words. My colleagues
called me Eagle Eye Nieves because my brain
can never stop looking for things to improve
and I promise that, if you ever work with me,
you might get to try my legendary guacamole.

How did she
get here?

That’s an easy mystery to solve! I’ve been closely
collaborating with some of the most talented
creative professionals in the world
for the past few years. I enjoy walking
that fine line between becoming a wordsmith
who takes her time to craft the perfect message
and keeping up with the fast pace of the tech
industry, and I love working with clients
who understand that great results stem
from devoting the right amount of time, care,
and resources to any project
. My goal is to help
you engage with your audience from the very first
word they read so that they understand what makes
your product so unique. These are some
of the brands, organizations and publishers
that have entrusted me
with that mission.
Want to get a sneak-peak of the work
we’ve done together
? Tap the three first logos
and see what happens!

What's next?

That mostly depends on where you need me.
All my professional experience can be
summed up in one simple goal: to plant the seeds
of something new so that any project can grow
regardless of who takes care of it in the end.
Although versatility is a really important
aspect for me, all the services I provide
have two basic concepts in common:
language and communication
I try to leave my mark in every project
by either creating the methodology that will
later be applied by each team member
or improving things that are already in motion.
If I don’t master the craft you were looking for,
it will be a pleasure to help you find someone
who does —just drop me a line.


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Illustrations from Blush & Pablo Stanley