“It’s still magic even if
you know how it’s done.”

I’d like to say I came up with that,
but being
Terry Pratchett is not an easy feat.
That doesn’t make his remarks any less truth.
I believe there are few spells as powerful
as those you can cast with words.

I’m Nieves, I’m a freelance translator and writer
and I’ve been passionately typing for some
of the most amazing platforms on the internet
for the past ten years. You can trust me on that
or I can show you —it all depends on how much time
you’ve got on your hands!

This is me thinking
about eighties slang!

(And Spanish omelette,
can’t deny it)


You already know my name. I was born in the fall of 1988
in Madrid, Spain. I grew up surrounded by floppy disks,
a very noisy router, loads of art and tons of creativity,
and I survived my teens diving into fantasy and sci-fi books.
Then, I left my hometown for a shared dorm near Arc de Triomf
to study Translation and Interpreting at the Autonomous University
of Barcelona, where I specialized in English and Japanese.
The views to the forest were so beautiful I also decided
to take a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation there.

Just a few days before graduating, I stumbled upon an email
from Tumblr in my spam folder and… the rest is history.
I have spent the last decade meeting artists from all over the world,
lending my words to the most amazing marketing campaigns
on this corner of the galaxy, localizing websites and apps to make users’
lives a bit easier, translating thrilling novels and children’s books,
managing communities of talented creators, writing non-stop
and showing the way forward to future generations. I like to stay on top
of change and I love getting to play with words. My colleagues called me
Eagle Eye Nieves because my brain can never stop looking for things
to improve
and I promise that, if you ever work with me, you might get
to try my legendary guacamole.

How did she
get here?

That’s an easy mystery to solve! I’ve been closely collaborating
with some of the most talented creative professionals in the world
for the past few years. I enjoy walking that fine line between
becoming a wordsmith who takes her time to craft the perfect
message and keeping up with the fast pace of the tech industry,
and I love working with clients who understand that great results
stem from devoting the right amount of time, care, and resources
to any project
. My goal is to help you engage with your audience
from the very first word they read so that they understand
what makes your product so unique. These are some of the brands, organizations and publishers that have entrusted me with that mission. Want to get a sneak-peak of the work we’ve done together? Tap the three first logos and see what happens!

That mostly depends on where you need me. All my professional experience
can be summed up in one simple goal: to plant the seeds of something new
so that any project can grow
, regardless of who takes care of it in the end. Although versatility is a really important aspect for me, all the services I provide have two basic concepts in common: language and communication. I try to leave my mark in every project by either creating the methodology that will later
be applied by each team member or improving things that are already in motion.
If I don’t master the craft you were looking for, it will be a pleasure to help you find someone who does —just drop me a line.

What's next?


Beam me up!

Not entirely tired of me yet? Impressive.
Shoot me an email at [email protected]
or fill this heaven-sent form below.

Or find me on the vast fields
of social media

Illustrations from Blush & Pablo Stanley

Two years later, in 2014, they kickstarted a huge rebranding
process. I took part on a wide variety of projects related
to this change, which included coming up with the Spanish version of their famous tagline, “Belong Anywhere”,
which became “Tu casa es el mundo” in our market,
and the translations for the creative landing page they launched to spread the news (Create Airbnb). The concept was essentially to invite guests to feel like home away
from home, and to remind hosts that they could open
their door to a world of opportunity and cultural exchange, both literally and metaphorically.

In 2012, Airbnb was a small startup that quickly started to evolve until it became
one of the most renowned accommodation providers in the travel industry.
As part of their early efforts to start growing globally, their newly founded
localization department hired me to update their translations and original copy
in Spanish, and act as a language lead for what later became their local team.
We worked side by side for more than six years to guarantee every last piece
of text was on-brand, from marketing campaigns to the most sensitive
institutional documents, reflecting Airbnb’s tone and style.

Pastel colors are a thing
for them as well

Enthusiastic host
embracing change

Create Airbnb

Marketing campaigns are important, but nothing conveys
the real spirit of a platform like this as those small details
we love to include on the interface. Turning it into a place
that shows users we want them to feel understood
and at home so they can turn their minds off for a very well
deserved rest has been and still is one of the best things
we get to do. We even replaced the legendary final dot
of our logo with special icons representing some bizarre
and fun festivities, like World UFO Day or Donut Day!

Tumblr is a rare species among the social media and microblogging realm.
With a quirky, often surreal tone, it showcases the type of copy that needs to be both informative and clear but also as fun and unique as its community, which is highly focused on art, creativity and self-expression. I joined their international development team more than twelve years ago with the mission to launch the Spanish version, offering transcreation, copywriting, internationalization and editorial services, which included
curating and featuring content as well as interviewing creators for the official staff blog. All these tasks also involved establishing the terminology, tone and style for the copy of our local version.

Una de las características que mejor define a Redbubble es su cercanía, un aspecto que han convertido en su mejor aliado para diferenciarse de la competencia. Por eso, la singularidad, el humor, la naturalidad y las referencias a la cultura pop fueron siempre una parte central de nuestros copys, desde las campañas de email marketing hasta las etiquetas de los productos. Para anunciar el lanzamiento de la web en español, quisimos optar por una estrategia analógica que apelara a esos conceptos con dos acciones diferentes: por un lado, enviamos varias postales a los principales artistas de la comunidad local e incluimos insertos con un descuento especial para los clientes que hicieron pedidos en las semanas anteriores y, por otro, personalizamos las etiquetas de cuidado de todas las prendas enviadas a España.

Redbubble es una empresa australiana fundada en 2006 con un objetivo muy claro: llenar de creatividad hasta el último rincón de la galaxia. Esta plataforma ofrece una solución cómoda y sencilla a artistas independientes de todo el mundo y les permite vender sus creaciones a clientes en busca de productos originales. En 2014, me incorporé a su nuevo equipo de localización para encargarme de liderar y poner en marcha numerosos proyectos relacionados con el lanzamiento de su página web en nuestro mercado, desde la creación de una guía de estilo y glosarios para la marca hasta la gestión de sus redes sociales y el trato con artistas e influencers. Durante los cinco años siguientes, mi rol fue evolucionando, pero todas mis responsabilidades giraron siempre en torno a la estrategia de comunicación de la marca.